Who doesn't like a good dessert? Especially when it comes to kulfis, a creamy frozen delight! Even though there are so many different flavors of ice cream on the market, Kulfi has a particular place in our hearts. The process of producing Kulfi is rather extensive than producing ice creams. Full-fat milk is cooked for hours and swirled repeatedly to get a silky smooth texture and a caramelized flavor. When it is reduced to roughly one-third of its original volume, it thickens to a thick consistency before being frozen. The dessert is thought to have originated in the 16th century in northern India (then under the Mughal Empire). Traditional sweets already comprised condensed milk, to which the Mughals added pistachios and saffron, packed it into metal cones, and froze it with an ice and salt slurry. They subsequently brought the dessert from the Himalayas to the empire's milder regions, giving birth to Kulfi. With our Kulfi, Old Bombay Kulfi hopes to make your day special. That is why we established the first Kulfi manufacturing plant in Tamilnadu. Start with your taste buds for an instant source of enjoyment that leaves a lasting impact.

Chowpathy Kulfi

Grab this all-time classic

Punjabi Kulfi

Happiness in every stick

Slice Kulfi

Simplifing your summer

Matka Kulfi

Enjoy the royal treatment

- Our Journey -

Our excursion began back in 2014 when our director set out to provide true Kulfi to the people of southern India. Following an extended time of dabbling, we landed on the perfect recipe for the velvety soft consistency with delayed melting. We tapped our Kulfi with delightful flavors that comprise natural fruits and nuts, making it mouth-watering.

Our dedication to utilizing only the best ingredients

We are dedicated to employing high-quality ingredients at Old Bombay Kulfi. We begin with high-quality natural ingredients to enhance the flavours. We work with farmers to provide Grade A milk and cream from cows that have not been given artificial growth hormones. We always start with high-quality foods and combine them with naturally derived flavors for nutritional goodness. That is how we produce classic flavors like Old Bombay Kulfi Custard Apple and Chocolate Chip Kulfi, both of which are made with natural custard apple puree quality guaranteed pure chocolate chips. Old Bombay Kulfi Natural Chikoo Kulfi gets its color and delicious fruit flavor from naturally ripened chickoos. We work closely with the experts and their teams to ensure that every grain and every piece of fruit used in our products is sourced responsibly. Our Processing Plant is completely equipped to produce high-quality, hygienic goods. The acquisition procedure is thoroughly carried out, including testing and quality assurance.
Flavors that are all-time Favourite
With a constant ambition to grow, we now have over 60 delicious kinds made solely from fresh cow milk, but the all-time favorite ones are:

Jackfruit Kulfi

Old Bombay Kulfi's Jackfruit Kulfi has a unique taste which makes it everyone's favorite. This Kulfi is made with 100 percent pure cow milk and fresh Jackfruit giving it an irresistible taste.

Coffee Kulfi

Our Coffee Kulfi is made of 100% pure filter coffee sourced from the coffee estates directly.

Almond Malai and Pista Kulfi

Almond Malai Kulfi and Pista Kulfi is a traditional delicacy in South India. Our tastes are prepared using a traditional recipe and are enjoyed by people of all ages. Our rich, creamy, and delectable Almond Malai Kulfi is not only delectable but also the perfect treat to share with friends and family. Its enticing flavor will make this time unforgettable for you.

Guava Kulfi

Guava Kulfi from Old Bombay Kulfi is created with genuine Guava Fruits and pure fresh cow milk, giving this classic treat a distinct, sweet, and nearly universally pleasing flavor. You can also smell the sweet and musky fragrance of Guavas from our Guava kulfi which will make you feel like, visiting tropical lands full of guavas.

Kesar Kulfi

Our Kesar Kulfi is made with the goodness of saffron along with almonds, cashews, and cardamom. This flavor of ours will remind you of the Mughlai era.

Mango Kulfi

This one is perfect for the summer season. We Old Bombay Kulfi in this Mango Kulfi use a fresh, wholesome, and sweet mango that gives this Kulfi a burst of Mango flavor. Old Bombay Kulfi's Mango Kulfi is best for the hot days that call for frozen treats and there is no match for our Kulfi as you can also feel mango chunks in it. It is so creamy and yummy that you would remember its taste forever.









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